The West Valley Warriors Mult-Sports Club is a Christian based organization. Our mission is to build self-esteem, discipline, focus, responsibility, and accountability while enhancing key athletic skills and encouraging youth to always strive for excellence in a team environment. Our age groups for teams are grades 1 through 12. We have Division I & II teams who play in competitive club arenas on a national level as well as Division III teams for beginners who play in recreational leagues at a local level.

We offer both boy’s and girl’s teams. We are both a recreational and competitive Multi-Sports Club that plays in the Certified National League of AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Our coaches have an average of 15 years playing experience in high school, collegiate, and professional Associations. We also average over 12 years of coaching experience with all of our head Coaches in an AAU environment. We focus on developing character and success both on and off the playing arenas. Our “off the playing arena” programs are a key part of our Club and these programs include tutoring, community service and support, scholarship focus, scouting representation, life skills training, team building and leadership.

We currently offer Basketball, Volleyball, Football, and Dance & Cheer. We offer these sports to both boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.


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This organization has some great talent and great coaching. I’m very impressed with what I saw





110417Warrior Coaching staff and Oliver Miller “the Big O”

The Boo Williams story has been posted. The link is below.


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